What is " The Northern & Eastern Colorado Plan (NECO)"?

The NECO planning area is one of three major planning areas (others being WEMO & NEMO) within the 12-million acre, 1976 congressionally-designated, California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA). The CDCA Plan is based on land-use management by geographic zones, i.e. the types of uses that are appropriate in light of existing resource values. Since 1976, the listing of federal and state endangered species within the CDCA, and the passage of the 1994 California Desert Protection Act (CDPA), has affected the land management of millions of acres of public lands in the CDCA.

The purpose of the NECO Plan is to:

What is "NECO"?

  • The NECO Planning Area comprises 5.5 million acres of private, Federal and state land. The majority of the Planning Area land is public land, with a total of 3.8 million acres.
  • Specifically, starting from the City of Needles on I-40, the NECO boundary 1 runs south along the CDCA boundary, parallel to the Colorado River, to the Quechon Indian Reservation near Yuma, AZ. (Note that the Colorado River, the state line, is not the boundary.) The boundary skirts the reservation to the All American Canal near the International border. The boundary follows the All American Canal to I-8, east to Ogilby Road, and then north on Ogilby Road to its intersection with the Southern Pacific Railroad. The boundary then runs north along the Railroad to its intersection with the western boundary of the CMAGR, then along CMAGR western boundary to its intersection with the Coachella Canal.
  • The boundary runs north along the east side of the Canal to its intersection with Dillon Road in Coachella Valley, then north along Dillon Road to its intersection with the western boundary of T4S R8E, then north along this line to its intersection with the southern boundary of JTNP. At this point the Plan boundary runs east and north on a zigzagging course following section lines through and to the northern boundary of JTNP. The NECO boundary roughly splits JTNP into two equal west-east halves. The NECO boundary then runs east along the northern boundary of JTNP to a point where it turns north and away from JTNP along the east side of T1S R13E. North of this township the boundary zigzags northwest along section lines through the Sheep Hole Mountains to Amboy Road at Sheep Hole Pass. At this point the boundary runs north along Amboy Road to its intersection with Historic Route 66 near Amboy, runs east on this highway to the Kelbaker Road, then north on the Kelbaker Road to its intersection with I-40. At this point the boundary runs east to Needles

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  • The NECO plan is to provide for conservation management of desert ecosystems to aid in the recovery of the desert tortoise and the Coachella Valley milkvetch and the conservation of approximately 60 other sensitive species and their habitats on federal lands administered by the BLM, as well as streamline processing of land use permits.

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